Invisalign for misaligned teeth and the time on braces

Misalignment of the teeth is a common problem. A large number of patients are facing these issues affected by it. The problem is usually resolved by wearing orthodontic aligners or braces for a lengthy period of time. Depending on the requirements of your treatment the length of time for which you will be wearing braces is determined. On the other hand even how well you comply with the rules of wearing braces also determine how long you will have to wear those.   

While you are on braces it is utmost important to follow your orthodontist’s or dentist’s instructions word for word. It is important that you maintain healthy, hygienic habits during the total span of time. All these factors contribute to make your treatment plan even more effective. When your treatment plan yields results there is no need to extend the timeline of the treatment. In other words you do not have to be braces any longer than the scheduled length of time. 

How Long Do You Have To Wear Braces?

As far as orthodontic dentistry is concerned patients usually have to be on braces for a span ranging between one and three years. But depending on a particular case or circumstance a patient may have to be on it shorter or longer than the average estimated time. What are the factors that define how long you should wear braces? According to a top notch orthodontist who offers one of the most reasonable costs on Invisalign in the UK identifies the factors as following –

The Level Of Crookedness Involved 

There are various reasons for which you may choose wearing braces. Some of the most common crooked teeth reasons include the following –

  • Your teeth are crowded
  • The teeth are spaced too far away and
  • The teeth stick out to affect aesthetics of your face

Each of the issues mentioned above are potentially dangerous. It makes you prone to a number of oral health issues including caries or cavities in the teeth, erosion of enamel from the tooth and gum disease. 

The length of time while one will be wearing braces varies widely from patient to patient. It depends on how severe a tooth crooked case is. The more severity involved the longer time you have to be on braces. It is also important to mention something in the ongoing context. While bringing your teeth into correct alignment a dentist may need to extract a tooth or teeth. This is done to make room inside the mouth.

Assertion Of Your Bite

The way the teeth in the upper jaw and the lower jaw meet together or align is determined as your bite. Many people do not have an ideal bite. That is their bite does not line up the way as it ideally should. When you have an incorrect or improper bite you should better undergo treatment to correct the problem. Improper bite problems can be further categorised under the following types –

  • Open bite
  • Under bite 
  • Deep bite and
  • Cross bite

Dentists renowned for quoting reasonable price for Invisalign in London point out that correcting bite problems with braces usually takes much longer than correcting misaligned teeth. 

Different Types Of Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic procedures can be further categorised. Different types of treatment have different durations. Moreover there are different varieties of orthodontic braces available these daysa. The most common types of orthodontic braces include in the following –

  • Conventional metal braces – This is one of the oldest types of appliances used in the world of orthodontics. It includes metal brackets. The brackets are fixed to your teeth and threaded with metal wires. Thus the wire connects the brackets. The wire has to be tightened by your dentist or orthodontist every few weeks while the device gradually brings your teeth into correct alignment. Complex cases of teeth misalignment are usually treated with metal braces.  
  • Clear aligners – These are aligner trays made from clear transparent plastic. Unlike metal braces this variety of braces is easily removable. You are allowed to take off the braces from the teeth for a limited period of time every day to clean the teeth and have your meals. Clear aligners do not disrupt your normal course of life in a major way. It is utmost important to wear the trays for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to get desired results. If you do not comply with this rule then your treatment may even become lengthier than expected warns a dentist who offers reasonable cost for Invisalign in London. Every few weeks you shift over to a new set of trays as your teeth gradually shift toward their perfect positions.    
  • Lingual braces – This variety of orthodontic braces is made from metal and is glued to the back of the teeth. These are aesthetically most appealing type of orthodontic appliances. The range of braces is as effective in shifting the teeth as the other two varieties mentioned above.

Trusted Source came with a wide and comprehensive study in 2019. It shows people who opt for clear aligners over conventional metal braces have to be on braces for much shorter length of time. But those people also have minor to moderate range of orthodontic issues to correct. On the other hand people who are on conventional braces usually suffer from severe issues of misalignment of the teeth. 

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