Haunted Places In Shimla

If you are planning to visit Shimla, avoid trying to visit these haunted places in Shimla on the way.

Shimla is known for its beauty, snow-covered mountains, captivating views, and red apples. However, Shimla also has supernatural, paranormal sites hidden in various places. These locations are quite eerie and frightening, causing people to avoid them.

There is no shortage of people traveling to Shimla. To escape the scorching summer, people visit Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, to refresh themselves, and as winter arrives, they take numerous photos of the snow-covered mountains. But what would you do if you encountered a spooky place in such a beautiful destination? Yes, there are many haunted places in Shimla where people are extremely scared to go. If you are planning to visit Shimla this summer, avoid making the mistake of visiting these places.

Here we have discussed 6 most haunted places in Shimla

Tunnel-33 in Shimla

Haunted Places In Shimla

Tunnel-33 is one of the scariest places in Shimla. The responsibility for constructing Tunnel-33 was given to British engineer Captain Barog. Due to the failure of his work, Barog was punished and humiliated. Unable to bear this embarrassment, Barog committed suicide. Locals believe that Captain Barog’s spirit still roams this tunnel. It is said that sometimes people see a woman walking on the tracks who suddenly disappears.

Charleville Mansion in Shimla

Haunted Places In Shimla

Charleville Mansion, located amidst the green hills of Shimla, was built during the British era and was inhabited by British officer Victor Bayley and his wife. Before them, a military officer lived here. Both families mentioned experiencing strange incidents. According to them, a British man would appear and suddenly disappear. Things in the house would break unexpectedly. Currently, an Indian has purchased this house and renovated it in a new style.

Jesus & Mary Convent School in Shimla

Most Haunted Places In Shimla

Jesus & Mary Convent School is known for several terrifying stories besides being a school. Although most stories are considered rumors, it is said that on Friday the 13th, a headless horseman appeared and handed a girl a rose. If she refused, he would take her away. It is also said that the school’s playground was once a cemetery. Additionally, in 2012, a fourth-grade girl was found dead here. Locals say that the spirit of the child still roams the school.

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Indira Gandhi Medical College in Shimla

Haunted Places In Shimla

Indira Gandhi Medical College is also considered one of the haunted places in Shimla. Patients, relatives, and doctors have often complained about strange occurrences in the lift and corridors. People believe that the spirits of those who died in the hospital wander there.

Dukhani House in Shimla

Haunted Places In Shimla

Dukhani House is a beautiful home located in the hills of Shimla. An old man died in this house, and locals claim that his spirit roams around, wearing tattered clothes. It is said that the man shot himself.

Chudail Baudi in Shimla

Haunted Places In Shimla

One of the most famous haunted places in Shimla, Chudail Baudi is located on the way to Chhota Shimla via the Shimla highway. It is believed that when you pass this point, your car’s speed will automatically reduce. The story doesn’t end here; it is also said that an old woman will ask you for a lift. Whether you agree or not, she will appear sitting on your seat. Many accidents have occurred at this point.

The Bottom Line

Visiting Shimla promises stunning scenery, refreshing climates, and delightful experiences, but it also comes with a few eerie warnings. If you’re someone who enjoys thrilling tales and spine-chilling experiences, the haunted places in Shimla offer a unique, albeit frightening, aspect of this beautiful hill station. From the spectral sightings in Tunnel-33 to the mysterious occurrences at Charleville Mansion and the eerie presence at Chudail Baudi, these locations add an element of suspense and intrigue to your journey.

However, if you prefer to keep your trip purely scenic and serene, it’s wise to steer clear of these haunted sites. While Shimla’s beauty is undeniable, respecting the legends and local lore can ensure a pleasant and uneventful visit. Embrace the charm and allure of Shimla, but tread carefully around its ghostly tales. Enjoy the snow-capped mountains, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, and let these haunted stories remain part of Shimla’s mysterious allure.

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